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Dancehall Days
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  • dancehalldays@livejournal.com
It has been a long time since Ive started this livejournal which is why I won't edit my interests, they serve as a reminder of who I used to be and who I'll one day become.
1984, 80s movies, 80s music, adelante mujer, aim, all natural products, alternative music, altoids, andrea bocelli, animal farm, animal friendly products, aol, art shows, audioslave, ballet, bbc america, billy idol, bottled water, brandon boyd, bridget jones diary, buddah, burts beeswax lip balm, canada, candles, cheese, chocolate, chris cornell, classic movies, classical music, clinique, daria, degrassi, democrats, dnc, driving around, eastern religions, eight fold path, england, enjoy incubus, fashion, food, foreign films, france, franz ferdinand, friends, fungus amongus, gap, ghost stories, ghost world, green peace, guys, harry potter, hawaii, hgtv, high school, history, incense, incubus, independent films, jazz music, john edwards, john kerry, johnny depp, karma, kroq, lactaid milk, literature, lord of the rings, lotus flowers, magazines, malibu, martha stewart, mexican food, mexico, mike einziger, money, morning view, movies, mrs dalloway, msmc, museums, music, musicals, napoleon dynamite, new zealand, opera, oprah, orlando bloom, painting, parties, pasadena, peace corps, people, philosophy, plays, poetry, pottery barn, psychology, purses, reading, reincarnation, sailor moon, santa monica, scotland, secret window, sex and the city, shopping, singing, sleeping, soy products, spain, star gazing, stephen king, straightening irons, sunsets, swap meets, talk show on mute, target, the beach, the breakfast club, the killers, the west wing, trader joes, traveling, trees, ucla, underground music, urban legends, urban living, verizon, vincent van gogh, vintage stores, virginia woolf, west hollywood, whale rider, whole foods market, woman studies, world religions, writing, yahoo